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However, numerous other committees, technical resource panels (TRPs) and task forces initiate and develop proposed solutions to policy issues and technical and tax administration problems, for the TEC's consideration and approval.
This article provides an overview of Interpretation 1-2, some background on how the task force that developed it reached its conclusions and some questions and answers that will help members apply the new rules.
Eisenberg, CPA, PFS is president of the Wealth Manager Group in San Diego and chair of the CalCPA Personal Financial Planning Committee's ElderCare Task Force.
When the task force was established, several lists of agents that could be involved in a biologic attack and considered of major bioterrorist threat had been established and published.
The MBA recognizes that environmental insurance has picked up serious momentum," said task force co-chair Charles Perry, president of Environmental Warranty, Inc.
The Institute's board members were asked to reflect on the interim task force reports and to provide Messrs.
Finally, in preparation for that meeting, a sub-group of our task force will study ACA's current resource allocation system.
Sanbar, chairman, FAS 53 Task Force, c/o Arthur Andersen & Co.
The purpose of the income tax implementation task force was to identify implementation questions and the information that would be needed to answer the questions on such topics as relevant tax law.
As illness grew throughout the task force, I met with our task force commander, Colonel William Buckler.
To address these issues, the task force recommended three new technical advice processes: (i) a streamlined general advice process, (ii) a case-specific process for providing advice to the field, and (iii) a new category of generic, industry-specific legal advice.
The Task Force should characterize the degree of change likely and/or desirable in industry due to the changing nature of DoD and the industrial base.

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