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It's not on one of the big PICK OF THE DAY TASKMASTER Dave, 9pm terrestrial channels, which could be why it doesn't have as big a profile as it should.
HAPLESS HEROES Latest famous contestants with Taskmaster Greg
Giant comedian Greg Davies is the Taskmaster himself - in charge of handing out both scores and abuse - while slightly-smaller comedian Alex Horne is his put-upon assistant.
A lot of people coming to the show might have seen Love Island or Taskmaster. (Laughs) But the stand-up is definitely different from Love Island and a lot less angry than Taskmaster.
Taskmaster crew, from left, Lou Sanders, Iain, Greg Davies, Sian Gibson, Alex Horne, Paul Sinha and Joe Thomas
The programme sees the five contestants at the mercy of host and Taskmaster, Shropshire comedian Greg Davies, who sets them a range of weird and wonderful challenges which often require thinking outside the box.
In the comics, Taskmaster was raised as Anthony "Tony" Masters in Brooklyn, New York, before discovering his perfect muscle memory, enabling him to perfectly mimic the movements and skills of those he sees.
Some taskmasters can argue that their jobs are critical to the success of their company.
As well as the big upcoming autumn meetings, Hard Taskmaster had been his 100th winner of the season, bringing up his second century and keeping him on course to better last year's total of 128 winners.
IT was hard to know whether Liza Tarbuck was to be congratulated or commiserated with after winning Taskmaster on Dave on Wednesday.
He has been seen on Dave's BAFTA-winning Taskmaster, a much talked-about stint on The Island with Bear Grylls (C4) as well as BBC 2's Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and Mock the Week, BBC 1's Would I Lie To You and Have I Got News For You.
SITTING atop a throne surrounded by selfportraits could be deemed a little self-indulgent - but for Greg Davies, it's simply another day on Taskmaster.