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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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They next used a method known as calcium imaging to show that the cultured taste cells respond to odour molecules in a manner similar to olfactory receptor cells.
He then placed these taste stem cells in a culture dish and prompted them to grow into the different mature taste cell types, thus creating a taste bud in a dish: taste organoids.
Individual mouse taste cells respond to multiple chemical stimuli.
Future studies will focus on identifying the factors that program the Lgr5-expressing cells to differentiate into the different taste cell types, and explore how to grow these cells in culture, thus providing a renewable source of taste receptor cells for research and perhaps even clinical use.
When hit by bitter--potentially toxic--substances, gut taste cells sound an alarm that may lead to slower absorption or spur vomiting.
Washington, Mar 8 (ANI): A new research has attempted to find out how taste cells detect sugars.
The work confirms earlier findings by others that chloride diffuses into taste buds through a dense network of filaments that swathe taste cells and link them to one another.
Because sour taste is the perception of acidic substances, which have a high concentration of protons, Liman predicted that sour taste cells have an ion channel that responds to or transports protons.
Foskett, "How do taste cells lacking synapses mediate neurotransmission?
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IANS Signals sent by the tongue's taste cells prevent the brain from confusing between bitter and sweet tastes, a study has showed.
Each taste bud contains 50 to 100 taste cells, which contain molecules, known as receptors.