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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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Caption: Figure 3: Rasa (taste) versus vipaka (taste after digestion) (TRC: taste receptor cells, TR: taste receptor).
For decades, taste scientists have attempted to identify the stem or progenitor cells that spawn the different taste receptor cells. The elusive challenge also sought to establish whether one or several progenitors are involved and where they are located, whether in or near the taste bud.
Taste receptor cells (TRCs) repre-sent a unique opportunity to study a dynamic popula-tion of excitable cells that undergoes two basic neuro-biological processes, development and cell turnover.38 Nordin S et al showed an age-related loss in identifi-cation for citric acid and quinine-hydrochloride which was more pronounced than the age-related loss in identification for sucrose and NaCl at both the tip and midlateral regions but not at the posteromedial re-gion.39 In addition, Sugimoto K et al showed that the sensitivity of taste cells to quinine increases with their ageing but the sensitivity to sucrose decreases.40 Fur-thermore, Winkler S et al showed that salt and bitter taste acuity declines with age, but sweet and sour perceptivity does not change with ageing.41

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