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And Bashti, who had not tasted a megapode egg in half a year, and who was keen for the one recrudescent thrill of remote youth still left to him, led the way back across the mangrove swamp at so prodigious a pace as quite to wind his high priest who was many years younger than he.
Score: 4/5 VERDICT: Trade down - it tasted great in a Bolognese sauce.
1 : to find out the flavor of something by taking a little into the mouth <He has never tasted mango.
Food is tasted by our 10,000 taste buds which are located on and around the little bumps on the tongue.
Taste: This lasagna tasted wonderful; the vegetables were fresh and the cheesy spinach filling was fantastic.
The wines were tasted ``blind,'' meaning the bottles were brown- bagged, and poured in flights of three.
But all the fat-frees we tasted were bland and not very creamy (Cabot Vermont and Daisy are the best of the bunch, though they taste more like plain yogurt).