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A neater, a more tasteful, a finer, or a more exquisitely laced handkerchief, did not exist within the walls of Paris.
Nothing is more fetching, to my thinking, than a tasteful boating costume.
He had time to note the light, fluffy something that hid her queenly head, the tasteful lines of her wrapped figure, the gracefulness of her carriage and of the hand that caught up her skirts; and then she was gone and he was left staring at the two girls of the cannery, at their tawdry attempts at prettiness of dress, their tragic efforts to be clean and trim, the cheap cloth, the cheap ribbons, and the cheap rings on the fingers.
For a time she enjoyed it, for it was all new to her, and the various pretty devices were very charming; but, by and by, that bitter weed, envy, cropped up again, and she could not feel happy to be left out in the cold, while the other girls were getting gay tissue-paper suits, droll bonbons, flowers, ribbons, and all manner of tasteful trifles in which girlish souls delight.
With every slender ornament, the occupation of her leisure hours, replete with that graceful charm which lingers in every little tasteful work of woman's hands, how much patient endurance and how many gentle affections were entwined!
I was so filled with the play, and with the past - for it was, in a manner, like a shining transparency, through which I saw my earlier life moving along - that I don't know when the figure of a handsome well-formed young man dressed with a tasteful easy negligence which I have reason to remember very well, became a real presence to me.
The arrangements are extremely pretty and tasteful. Most consolatory." And he gave her half a sovereign.
Tom tries to flamboyance Byron but notorious tame and with barely sniff of Although Tom Sturridge tries hard to provide some flamboyance as Byron, his notorious home is surprisingly tame and tasteful in the manner of Sunday evening TV.
Their harmonies provided a tasteful representation of their motherland.
They are proposing to build a tasteful visitor centre on the hill.
The valuable guests enjoyed the entertaining and tasteful offerings of Danish cuisine for the whole week.
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