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French cabinetmaking was universally acclaimed at the exhibition for producing unrivaled works of art, and Louis Wolowski (1810-76), professor of industrial law and political economy, asserted that such masterpieces benefited the craft because they "maintained and elevated the traditions of taste and prevented inspiration from dying out.'28 With such models, Wolowski contended, cabinetmaking in France would uphold its reputation for quality and tastefulness, even among its cheaper products.
The third requirement for tastefulness was more arcane, and probably applied only to the upper reaches of the middle class.
It collectively threw custard pies in the face of tastefulness.
This ensures originality, tastefulness and healthiness ...
Tastefulness and harmony, he insisted, must surround the pupils of California's public schools.
Now that some of the more prestigious films of the period look and sound as if suffering from a debilitating tastefulness, Don's Party (Bruce Beresford, 1976) retains its power to shock.
She argues that contradictions in the discourse of taste account for a wider range of meanings in these texts and that tastefulness contributes to a wider cultural agenda.
And because we humans have wide-ranging and disparate tastes, we can legitimately disagree about what constitutes tastefulness and not-tastefulness.
The flowers are pinwheels of white, orange, and blue, but their brightness seems to have been dimmed by the leaden presence of Babbitt--whose business suits represent the dark side of tastefulness: its tendency toward conformity and rigidity, and toward control over those who aspire to it.
Such tastefulness toward ladies is entirely in keeping with this restaurant's rather retro, restrained approach.
Her new home, which is a couple of hundred miles from the capital Helsinki, has a fine attraction that hits the heights of tastefulness in true Eurotrash style.
He staged chaotic productions that contradicted the ballet's reputation for tastefulness, restraint and order.