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Fame Academy had a gloss of BBC tastefulness and happily failed to provide a star of the magnitude of Gareth or Will.
In Still's Sturmund-Drang universe, tastefulness limits the artist's freedom, the full range of his expression.
Almost Pulitzerian in its understated tastefulness.
Imagine the reaction if a legislature or judge could restrict other media based on assessments of the prospective tastefulness or benefits of coverage.
Jacquet still possesses the energy that he had put into his famous recordings of the 1940s (as well as the classic film short from 1944, Jammin' the Blues), and he now pairs that energy with a melodic complexity and tastefulness that was sometimes missing early on.
I recall their terrible tastefulness as hugely dis-spiriting.
Customers got real value from the jug and some perceived added value from the tastefulness and beauty of the design.
It can be seen that the "tazzina" (Italian for small cup) is becoming a wider and wider accepted method to enjoy the virtues of tastefulness and stimulation of coffee in a dynamic society who is replacing new lively and quicker "rites," compatible with modern life rhythm, to the traditional forms of socialization before a nervine drink that is typical of more relaxed civilizations.
Producing features grounded in quality and tastefulness as they navigate the independent and international film scenes, Bonita Films is a modern day representation of diversity, life and art in cinema.
Taken together, the artisanal qualities of the production, its European frankness and the reserved, mostly good performances (by a cast unknown in the United States) give "The Returned'' a kind of hushed tastefulness that many will equate with excellence.
Led by their president Kayvan Nahai, Naurelle guarantees that each piece in their collection epitomizes tastefulness and sophistication.
Asked about the tastefulness of some of the self-built creations featured in his Channel Four show, the presenter and designer said he was "scared" of the word taste, admitting he takes a back seat when it comes to judging the homes, allowing viewers to decide for themselves.