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Sometimes the number of simultaneously ratable features is astonishingly great - for example, comprehensibility, poeticality, appropriateness, beauty, formality, political tastefulness and precision (see e.
WITH 325 days of sunshine, the Malaga coastline's western most resort of Estepona has combined tourism with tastefulness on the Costa Del Sol.
Memmott makes sure her senior dancers appear mature onstage, but she keeps an eye on tastefulness.
Whether or not you choose to be particularly expressive, you should have a clear sense of tastefulness that guides your choices of business attire.
There is just enough restraint in Berger to preserve a sense of tastefulness and balance that makes these songs so becoming.
She argues that contradictions in the discourse of taste account for a wider range of meanings in these texts and that tastefulness contributes to a wider cultural agenda.
Now that some of the more prestigious films of the period look and sound as if suffering from a debilitating tastefulness, Don's Party (Bruce Beresford, 1976) retains its power to shock.
Tastefulness and harmony, he insisted, must surround the pupils of California's public schools.
It collectively threw custard pies in the face of tastefulness.
This ensures originality, tastefulness and healthiness .