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If a seal is killed, or the floating carcass of a putrid whale is discovered, it is a feast; and such miserable food is assisted by a few tasteless berries and fungi.
Well, my idea is, that perhaps he's found some way of making strychnine tasteless.
They abhor men as tasteless, dull, and inconvertible, and console themselves with color-bags and blocks of marble.
He heard the most important things and the most trivial with the same tasteless absorption.
The grotto was tricked out in the usual tasteless style observable in all the holy places of Palestine.
This makes him a standing puzzle to the huge number of uncultivated people who have been brought up in tasteless homes by commonplace or disagreeable parents, and to whom, consequently, literature, painting, sculpture, music, and affectionate personal relations come as modes of sex if they come at all.
4 million Georgian home and residents have to ''suffer the tasteless indignity''.
In 2014, astrophysicist Matt Taylor's navigating the Philae lander on to a comet was overshadowed by a tasteless shirt, for which he was forced into a public apology.
But who wants soggy, tasteless strawberries that go off in a day because they're sprayed, frozen, gassed and flown thousand of miles before leaking their juices all over the supermarket fruit and veg section?
The bread was tough and tasteless, the chopped tomatoes on top cold and even more tasteless - as if everything had spent six hours in a chiller.
com)-- For generations, children have enjoyed playing police officers and soldiers -- And now they can play NSA Agents with the NSA Junior Spy Ear Listening Device from Tasteless.