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But the most shocking moment was when US movie director Oliver Stone, announcing best comedy film, tastelessly referred to the Ipswich Ripper by telling the audience: "It's great to be in Great Britain - it's like Jack the Ripper time again .
I have noticed that one side of the political spectrum especially has taken the stand that in order to get votes, they have to tastelessly make fun of their opponent.
This time, as a change from denigrating the Welsh language, he is twittering tastelessly about the National Assembly.
Upon these visits, Baker informed him that she did not want to dance nude anymore, something tastelessly highlighted in her silent film debut yet, for much of the 1920s, defined her onstage persona.
The determination to prove a point about universal human nature and drives, brought rather tastelessly home in Carroll's clinical image of normative adolescent male sexuality ("spontaneous erections and emissions" [85]) leads him to underplay the most complex adaptive lessons that Austen was teaching her readers about the shifting relations between status, wealth, culture, and the challenges to the social order (intellectual and political) that characterized early nineteenth-century England.
Or seeing Victoria Beckham tastelessly strutting about a Third World country.
Cons: Looovve the crime shows that debut with investigations of brutal rapes, exposing a murdered victim's bare body parts in tastelessly titillating quick edits (unfortunate for West Coast families seeing the show early) - such a cynical way to grab viewers' attention.
It's a good little idea, but nastily and tastelessly executed.
Thus, the Straussian epigone Francis Fukuyama celebrates the current American moment even more tastelessly than Hegel praised the Prussian monarchy, circa 1819, as the final form of the World Spirit.
Even before your tastelessly hasty invitation, yours probably screamed self-absorption.
Far too expensive, tastelessly overpackaged, gruesomely tacky, an unpleasant liquid," was the verdict of Landmark buyer Steve Mayes for the 4.
Everything I'd left "in the can" to cover my week at the convention was tastelessly inappropriate.