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Thus an early "eclecticism of taste," as architectural historian Henry-Russell Hitchcock termed it in 1954, quickly degenerated into a blissful eclecticism of tastelessness.
To cap the classy evening, we were spared the usual schmaltzy dance numbers around the Best Song contestants -- frustrating the critics of our system's excess, tastelessness, and irrelevance -- and were instead graced with the Cirque du Soleil.
Mark Lamos's production made the most of the work's wit without allowing it to degenerate into tastelessness.
culture, as well as the blandness and the tastelessness and the unattractive features of U.
You should be ashamed of the way you have used taxpayer money to cross the bounds of tastelessness and morality to make this garbage available on the Internet for any child to see," Bundgaard told GCC President Tessa Martinez Pollack in a letter.
The Mets were yelling to cover up the fact that the Yankees were beating the pants off them--a statement that certified his spotless record for tastelessness.
We believe no company makes a finer quality of paper, as regards the adjusted burning speed, and tastelessness," says Armstrong.
Davies seems to prefer his own tastelessness to that of his classical source.
The tastelessness or unseemliness of a social institution is not a sufficient reason to ban it or enterprises that exploit it.
Some of the behaviours which corrupt society are of course not covered by the criminal code: religious tastelessness, spiritual platitudes and inferior preaching are, like bad music, impossible to prohibit and can be countered only by examples worthy of imitation.
But neither acting nor spectacular theatrical effects (including the often excellent lighting by Yuri Timofeev) can efface the prevailing tastelessness of Eifman's productions.
He brings you what amounts to a half-assed attempt at tastelessness.