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Tastelessness has a way of reverberating throughout the halls of the school.
These are factory-produced caricatures of life, desires and emotions that, despite their ubiquity, ostensible tastelessness and material worthlessness, become cherished possessions.
But if ever there was a semi-entertaining movie that sabotages itself with tastelessness and misogyny, this is it.
If it were the contrary, by golly, I will choose to embrace statelessness over tastelessness.
If these latter raise the stakes of kitsch to new levels, they also conjure up Italian Renaissance terracotta roundels and Spanish and French baroque sculpture, and hence query the shifting of aesthetic sensibility from grace to tastelessness.
They will also be delighted to discover that the tastelessness of an overproduced, overgrown, chemically dependent apple is absent; instead, they will find the invigorating crispness and freshness of a sun-ripened, pioneer apple, eaten at leisure with one's back against a sturdy tree.
Remember the awful Paul Wotsit crying on the pitch after a deserved injury, the foul language of John Terry, the flash tastelessness of the women who lionise near-thugs barely able to sign their contracts.
It would not, of course, be a political demonstration in Tehran without at least one sign of tastelessness.
And because the profession is based on competition, the competitors have competed in bad taste, lack of awareness, spreading lies, overlooking rudeness, tastelessness, inflaming emotions, and inciting hatred and violence.
Even ignoring the tastelessness of their actions, the singing marked a stunning disregard of Ferguson's wishes, a point confirmed in a club statement, the paper said.
The sheer tastelessness of this situation is what makes it work, coupled with its almost surreal improbability.
Instead, I come away exhausted by the bickering, overwhelmed by a dozen rabbinical opinions, and embarrassed by low comedy and tastelessness.