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There is little evidence that mission statements are taught, discussed, and operationalized in classrooms.
At most institutions of higher education in the United States, faculty load is calculated in the number of semester credit hours taught with courseload reductions or equivalencies routinely given for research or other scholarly activities.
This may reflect a teaching and research culture in which theology is not taught, and that to name a course 'Christ in Art' might indicate theological presuppositions that are not present in a name such as 'Jesus in Art'.
For example, if the student is taught in clearly defined and discrete segments, as in ABA' form, he may be more likely to bring a sense of clarity and separateness to his phrasing than if he was taught in an amorphous fashion.
Associate professor Melanie Richards, who taught Houlihan in tap class, says, "She brought to a whole new experience the innocence and enthusiasm of a child.
Whilst the extent to which social history is taught at all levels of education no doubt varies markedly from one institution to another, the overall impact it has made in curriculum terms may well be quite limited.
More than 70 percent told Gallup in 2000 that they prefer to see Creationism taught side-by-side with evolution in public schools.
I believe that this topic is best approached by discussing "Naturalism" and "Supernaturalism" and where each should be taught.
Father Prieur states that the bishops chose to uphold the objective teachings of HV and then bring to bear what moral theology has taught for many years about what someone may have to do subjectively when several duties seem impossible to achieve in their circumstances.
Some people talk about cafeteria Catholicism where you're free to say, "Oh, well, if it's not been taught infallibly I'll just blow it off.