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Parents Lynn and Stephanie Eckersley-Ray claimed Gray-New Gloucester coach Duane Greaton told his team to taunt their son whenever he was tackled in a recent game by saying, "Who's your daddy?
PITCH INVASION Motherwell fans rush to taunt Rangers supporters after the 3-0 win
It was a consequence of something," Mourinho said of his taunt.
SICK terrorist and offensive taunts fired at new player Mido have sparked outrage among Boro fans.
But when they aggressively taunt mourners at funerals in a way that is the most hurtful they can possibly devise, then is that not behavior?
Several of the Northeast's least ferocious forest creatures taunt rattlesnakes.
Not only are feelings hurt when kids taunt other children, but experts say victims lose out on a good education and social life.
Her tormentor, a popular girl at school, loved to taunt Karen about the way she spoke and about her home life.
The proposed hate model consists of seven stages, including how hate groups define themselves, how hate groups target their victims and taunt them with verbal insults and offensive gestures, and how hate groups attack their victims with or without weapons.
I have seen my own stepchildren taunt others because they wear the "wrong" clothes or are not exactly Michael Jordan on the basketball court.
MATIJA NASTASIC will resist the urge to taunt fellow countryman and Manchester rival Nemanja Vidic if he wins the FA Cup against Wigan on Saturday.
UGLY SCENES: Spain fans taunt the England team in last night's friendly at the Bernabeu