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Plainfield First Selectman Paul Sweet, who attended the game Friday and said he did not witness any racial taunting, said his town is embarrassed by the complaints after Friday's game, but he said they do not reflect his community's attitudes.
Researchers scanned volunteers' brains as they listened to different types of laughter recordings in situations such as being tickled, feeling joy and taunting someone.
We are very good friends but I don't think I will be taunting him with my medal if we win the Cup because he has been a big help to me.
But Watkins posted the mugshot released by police on Facebook for his friends to see - and began taunting police.
Haye spent most of the last three years taunting Wladimir with barbs that many considered over the top.
London, Feb 20 (ANI): Janet Jackson has revealed that her superstar brother, Michael, made her life miserable by taunting her about her weight.
She said: "I am quite sure police officers were taken by surprise by the despicable people taunting Shaun.
He had been taunting them and displaying a 'you can't catch me' attitude, believing there was no way officers could catch him as he rode his bike on the roads and footpaths of Cwmaman.
I don't think this deserves to happen to anybody - taunting or not taunting," Mr Sousa said.
I know I'm shy and not very confident, but her taunting makes me really miserable.
A prosecutor said some of the taunting came from guards outside the execution chamber, not the masked ones who put the noose around Saddam's neck.
On Page 7, the Daily News recently carried a story about a group of black youths who brutally attacked three young girls, cursing and taunting them about how they hated ``whites'' as they beat them with stones and skateboards.