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This suggests the brain might be recognising the social consequences of the sound of taunting laughter.
However, it's difficult to imagine that the teasing and taunting is totally harmless.
Sorgen said that while there had been recent discussions about cutting back on taunting and unsportsmanlike penalties, the throat-slashing motion won't be tolerated.
Booing, yelling during foul shots, and taunting from the stands are certainly not what we expect from the home fans, but let's be realistic: These things happen all of the time
amp;nbsp;Both women could be heard throughout the video taunting the boy.
But like the rest of his colleagues, he couldn't resist taunting Mr Brown.
WORCESTER - The School Committee last night approved selling naming rights to the field at Foley Stadium as well as advertising at the home of city athletic events and endorsed administration efforts to offset racial taunting at a recent basketball game by bringing together students from the two schools involved.
What's the spin: Even Jackson can comprehend there's a bulging bicep of difference between taunting someone for alleged steroid use and taunting someone because of the color of his skin.
After taunting police while he sat at a table in the restaurant, he was jumped on and arrested by officers from the California Highway Patrol.
There was no taunting of the English, just jubilation at a match well played.
According to a study published by ABC News, 86% of teens report there is bullying and taunting at school.