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The only difference is that the frame carrying the taut wires is separated from the mould, making it easier to operate the mechanism.
Taut was in fact fully devoted to fulfil his governmental duties, and his relations with the Ministry were exclusive and binding such that Taut would not and could not deal with any private practice or projects.
Yves Rocher recently launched several new products, including the Spa Energie Vegetale Firming Massage tonic to create visibly smoother, more taut and less dimpled skin in two weeks with ingredients such as guarana, ginseng and andiroba.
One afternoon of racing toward the goal in flat-soled soccer shoes--which put added pressure on your ligaments because of the way the shoes flex your feet--can cause severe injury to a taut Achilles tendon.
Making the bat-wing structure even more challenging is the requirement that the covering of this novel wing must remain taut and smooth at all times, Kudva says, unlike an umbrella's fabric, which becomes taut only when the apparatus is fully open.
You know, we reveal glistening, rippling, taut muscles.
Shot in 35-mm wide-screen, no less, the film is a taut, accelerated assemblage of bursts of scratch-on-film images that include both abstract shapes and brief sketches of a camera, fish, insects, plants, humans, numbers, letters and blocks of colour.
A veteran reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bowden has produced a taut narrative along the lines of Black Hawk Down, his absorbing re-creation of the Olympic Hotel battle in Mogadishu in October 1993.
They tie a figure eight on a bight, then a taut line hitch and a single figure eight as a "keeper" knot.
Through oily, acrid smoke, sweat glistens on his bulging biceps and naked chest, and above the taut, fine line of his mouth, a scarred hardhat is pushed back to expose a curly hank of virile, dark hair.