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In the bottom of his heart each prayed that they might come safely through just this night, for they knew that during the morrow they would make the final stretch, yet the nerves of each were taut with strained anticipation of what gruesome thing might flap down upon them from the black sky, marking another for its own.
Sonorous as thunder was it, mellow as a golden bell, thin and sweet as a thrummed taut cord of silver--no; it was none of these, nor a blend of these.
Then it settled--clean and true about the tawny neck it settled, and Tarzan, with a quick twist of his rope-hand, drew the noose taut, bracing himself for the shock when Sheeta should have taken up the slack.
When all was snug and taut he turned out the light, turned the gas full on again and laid himself gratefully upon the bed.
They could barely keep the traces taut, and on the down grades just managed to keep out of the way of the sled.
She saw the stirrup-strap draw taut, then her lover's body and arms.
Had there been a steady breeze it would not have been so bad, but the Ghost was rolling emptily in a long sea, and with each roll the canvas flapped and boomed and the halyards slacked and jerked taut.
The initial North America Taut launch will feature Taut Premium Collagen Replenishment Formula and Taut Collagen Mask.
As mentioned earlier, the types are derived from the two known operational principles by which tiles can be produced using taut wires and clay blocks.
Despite the vacation area being a hotspot for attractive ladies, Krupa stood out as she bared her taut midriff alongside fellow females.
The architect Bruno Taut wanted to spread light through the houses, and therefore, created ample window space for sun and light," explained Kinan during their presentation.
Sue, of Colchester, Essex, first noticed a problem last year as her joints swelled up and grew painful while her skin became more taut.