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I like--no, it's tawdrier than that--I relish, I lose myself in Queer as Folk.
WITH THE RISE OF SO-CALLED REALITY TELevision in recent years (proving that truth is tawdrier than fiction, too), it might well be asked what all of the TV writers are up to these days.
Spillius felt it necessary to ccQQmment, despite these assurances, that `American cultural exports have beaten a downward path that has ended in something of a sticky pit', and he described striptease as `one of the tawdrier forms of public entertainment'.
It is true that so far Republicans have avoided some of the tawdrier hearing spectacles, in part because their anti-government ideology does not lend itself to hauling forth capitalism's victims to testify on their dire need for this or that government program.
It seemed--in sun and the smells of summer--a tawdrier, less likable place than on that night when we'd been the only customers.