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This may, indeed, prove to be the tawdriest trial in the history of Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence.
Moore affirmed Bryher's belief in the highly deskable "imagination of the child joined to the freedom of a boy," commenting that "dolls have always seemed to me the dreariest, tawdriest things in the world."
And the tawdriest of all, the real scoop on Professor Abrahmson's panel "Liberalism: Wanted Dead or Alive."
Over the last few years, the House Sergeant at Arms' quarters may have edged out Brock Adams' office as the tawdriest place on the Hill.
Consider these: deals made behind closed doors, threats to reveal the tawdriest of secrets, jockeying for positions of influence, the destruction of personal lives, and finding that perfect first lady in a wife, as well as vying for that oft-desired sponsorship that could make or break a career.