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But El senor Marx no esta en casa is not concerned with tawdriness or "Marx bashing" but with storytelling and literature, and playing fast and loose with history.
The press have thrown a cloak of tawdriness over his lifestyle and his family and his mother," he said.
Literary doubleness--the tragedy and rapture, and tawdriness too, of Coetzee's doubles--remains unconcluded and is perhaps never to be.
I knew it was an elementary world that I was facing, but I have always been amazed at the authenticity with which the simple-minded often face that world when compared with the tawdriness of the public viewpoint exhibited in reports from the world at large.
The argument between large or small tawdriness is only minimally significant.
AT A MELODRAMA The leading lady suffered, while I yawned; But a girl beside Me sat and cried-- Her tears that rose unbidden washed away The timeworn tawdriness that stained the play.
Sandburg's description of "Those Gambler's Blues" as "a gutter song" attributes to it the qualities of current popularity and tawdriness that Faulkner purported to draw on in writing the novel.
The interiors of the restaurants are pleasantly decorated with brightly-colored elements of traditional Russian culture, free from the "touristy" tawdriness of the Soviet era.
Far more dangerous has been the breakneck concentration of wealth within the few and crookedness, tawdriness, and sheer mediocrity of our political echelon.
An occasional attempt at something better serves to emphasize the surrounding tawdriness.
Cook and Frewin are enchanted by the tawdriness of it all, to the film's detriment.