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Property tax assessors conducted a vendetta for years against the tax exemption for this "parsonage," but Rev.
Scheid, president and regional tax assessor at Regional Resource Group, at the company headquarters in Leominster.
The Muses contested the tax assessor's valuation of its property for the tax years 2014 and 2015; the property had been valued at $23,433,700 for both years.
The property valuation (tax assessor) database did not contain the year of construction for a large percentage of the home addresses in the geo-referenced lead-screening and birth registries.
The court noted that the true market value of the property may change over time, but for the years it was valued for tax purposes, "the fact that the property is able to generate such income ma[de] it more valuable." Therefore, the court denied Walgreens' claims and upheld the tax assessor's valuations.
At least 15 of the city's tax assessors have been dismissed for improper conduct and are now awaiting sentencing on federal fraud, bribery, and racketeering charges.
State Tax Assessor) held that internal consistency or, alternatively, basic due process requires the state to include additional factors that will "fairly represent" the taxpayer's business activity in Maine.
"The impact of the tax assessors corruption scheme with which he was charged cost the city an enormous revenue loss and will hurt the city for years to come.
In short, the tax assessor, who is empowered by law for administering personal property taxation should meet these responsibilities with common-law employees so that the confidence and trust of the public can be maintained.
He added, "We verified their references, talked to the Atlantic County tax administrator and our tax assessor, and both feel comfortable with their ability to perform.
In their role as selectpersons, the assessors, will apply to the state tax assessor for an adjustment of the town's state valuation, in conjunction with the cut in value.