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Property tax assessors conducted a vendetta for years against the tax exemption for this "parsonage," but Rev.
Scheid, president and regional tax assessor at Regional Resource Group, at the company headquarters in Leominster.
The tax assessor attempted to use this amendment to his advantage, arguing that, because the legislature had not expressly prohibited consideration of LIHTCs prior to the amendment, it had intended them to be considered in the valuation.
To increase the percentage of at-risk children screened, educational mailings could be sent to all older housing units identified in the tax assessor database and addressed to the resident's name to alert parents of younger children about the potential for lead exposure hazards.
At least 15 of the city's tax assessors have been dismissed for improper conduct and are now awaiting sentencing on federal fraud, bribery, and racketeering charges.
He added, "We verified their references, talked to the Atlantic County tax administrator and our tax assessor, and both feel comfortable with their ability to perform.
In March 2002, the tax assessor scandal was the highlight at a hearing conducted by State Assemblyman Scott Stringer (D-Manhattan) in the Bar Building at which Stephen Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, testified along with several city officials.
Sperling noted that another Kern supervisor, Ken Peterson, fired his field representative, Trice Harvey, in September after Harvey announced he was running for county tax assessor.
The tax assessor is directly accountable to the taxpayers for all acts required by law including adherence to technical and ethical standards by those to whom authority is delegated.
In their role as selectpersons, the assessors, will apply to the state tax assessor for an adjustment of the town's state valuation, in conjunction with the cut in value.