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County tax collectors are attributing problems to a change in a state computer system.
She was elected as tax collector in 1988 and held the position over four terms, until her retirement in 2001.
67, which prohibits any officer, agent, clerk or servant of a corporation or a person from making a false entry or omitting to make a true entry in any book of the corporation or person, apply to an elected official of a town, the tax collector, who allegedly made false entries and omissions in town records regarding money paid for town taxes in order to facilitate theft of the money?''
Jesus said the tax collector, not the Pharisee, would get closer to God, because "he who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted".
When we think of biblical tax collectors, of course, we have to banish the thought of the IRS.
Once the tax collector determines who is entitled to notice, he or she must prepare a statement identifying those persons and their addresses, then deliver the statement to the clerk of the circuit court.
They were the hated tax collector, the officer of an occupying army, an outcast woman alone at the well from whom he requested water, or even an adulterous woman who by law deserved to be stoned to death.
The tax collector wanted to charge Cadbury Schweppes Treasury International (CSTI), an in house finance company.
Oxygen was discovered by the combined but independent work of two rivals: Joseph Priestley, a self-taught scientist from England, and Antoine Lavoisier, an aristocratic French tax collector and science theorist.
Stephanie Harrison argues that Luke's view of justification, as illustrated in the story of the Pharisee and the tax collector, has as much to do with our social location and our willingness to show mercy as it does with an inner attitude of humility or of being right with God.
Snow White, the Royal Tax Collector and Muddles the Court Jester visited youngsters in the Treetops Children's Unit at Durham's University Hospital.
This is the first of two Lucan readings featuring a tax collector, the epitome of sinfulness in Jesus' time, but whom Jesus ironically uses to represent the object of God's mercy and love.