tax gatherer

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Published around the same time as "The Tax Gatherer," it is a parable about how physical and bureaucratic obstacles to trade have the same effect, but a secondary element of the story also merits our attention.
His wished-for diversion of attention from FOBTs is not necessary, as betting tax gatherers have never confined their attention to holders of permits - there have been prosecutions of unlicensed bookmakers for duty evasion before now.
"Workshop of the Master of 1518: The Flight into Egypt"; "Marinus van Reymerswale: Two Tax Gatherers"; and "Pieter Brueghel the Elder: The Adoration of the Kings."
Some of the pictures were about tax gatherers and money lenders.
"Now the tax gatherers and sinners were all drawing near to Jesus.
That is not the prices of cigarettes and liquor which may seem cheap to tax gatherers but are not so to the poor who patronize them.
July, always a bumper month for the tax gatherers, turned out better than anyone thought it could.