tax man

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CALLING the tax man now means waiting nearly a quarter of an hour just to get through.
Bobby Wor The Bobby Thompson Story, Tyne Theatre (tomorrow) Bobby Thompson's woodbine smoking Little Waster alter ego became a folk hero across the North East, yet this hid a man troubled by drink, gambling debts and the tax man.
Cheryl Hopkins who runs TaxAssist Accountants in Nuneaton said: "Just one day late and you'll have to pay the tax man PS100, even if there is no tax to pay or you pay the tax due on time.
8million settlement with the tax man in the Republic - one of the largest ever.
In an interview with BBC One Wales, the Welsh singer said that the tax man is looking at my accounts wondering where she is hiding all her money and she has always understood that all that stuff isn't important, News.
Gary Barlow (no relation to Ken by the way) and two of his Take at bandmates will be scrabbling around down the back of what I'm sure are pretty well-to-do sofas this weekend after being told they can expect quite the bill from Tax Man (who sounds a lot less fun than his Super, Spider and Bat contemporaries by the way).
PARENTS could be fined PS100 by the tax man if they fail to repay child benefit by the end of the month, a Huddersfield tax expert has warned.
It was a long time coming - nearly 40 years to be precise - but Sophia Loren finally got her revenge against someone who many love to hate: the tax man.
Their assets are well hidden from the scrutiny of the tax man.
In order to avoid the long lines and a penalty for not filing taxes on time, Dan The Tax Man, urges everyone: "Clients need to call now and make their appointment.
Driving expenses and accommodation has to be paid and agents, valets and the tax man take their percentages.