Tax Return

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Tax Return

The form that the government requires a taxpayer to file with the appropriate official by a designated date to disclose and detail income subject to taxation and eligibility for deductions and exemptions, along with a remittance of the tax due or a claim for a refund of taxes that were overpaid.

The federal and state governments specify the deadlines for filing tax returns without incurring any additional interest or penalties for lateness. For most income taxpayers, the deadline of April 15 of the year following the close of the tax year for which the report is filed applies to both federal and many state returns. For persons who have made taxable gifts, the federal gift tax return is due annually on or before April 15 of the year following the tax year (as opposed to the former requirement of quarterly filing). For executors or administrators of estates that owe estate tax, a federal estate tax return must be filed within nine months of the date of death of the decedent. States may have comparable deadlines for gift and estate tax returns.


Estate and Gift Taxes; Income Tax.

tax return

n. the form to be filed with a taxing authority by a taxpayer which details his/her/their income, expenses, exemptions, deductions, and calculation of taxes which are chargeable to the taxpayer. (See: tax)

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Therefore, when considering the first prong of a tax return position as defined by SSTS No.
If you have been sent a tax return but you do not think you should have to fill it in, do not just ignore the tax return.
Firm B is a tax return preparer and an authorized IRS e-file provider.
Usually, the IRS does not audit delinquent tax returns on a routine basis.
7216-2(n) does not permit a tax return preparer to include non-tax-return information in the preparer's list or lists of client tax return information.
98 percent of the individuals who commented on quality and ethics favor establishment of quality and ethics standards for paid tax return preparers;
The government sought production of the lawyer's notes and files on the theory that (1) his work in preparing the return was not privileged because it was non-lawyer "accounting work" and not "legal advice," and (2) the lawyer's performing non-privileged accounting work destroyed any claim of privilege relating to documents and communications that referred to both the criminal investigation and the tax return preparation.
Unless someone has a dire need for a tax return by a specific date, such as before leaving the country, we do not take returns out of the order that they come to us.
The 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act contains provisions that are intended to protect the privacy of very broadly defined financial services, including tax planning, financial planning and tax return preparation.