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Our study provides information about the pollen and seed morphology of the available Turkish Crambe taxa by using light and electron microscopy.
E interessante observar que a taxa de desemprego varia de acordo com o tamanho da populacao.
En los ultimos anos, los estudios ecoanatomicos de la madera han adquirido relevancia, debido a que aportan informacion sobre el comportamiento de los taxa, y probablemente permitan predecir sus respuestas ante cambios ambientales (cambio climatico).
The chromosome numbers of examined taxa were given previously (Kocyigit et al.
The genus is important among geophyta plants, since some Scilla taxa (S.
Regional and Succession Patterns--To analyze regional biogeographic patterns, we identified the number of distinct taxa across all sites and within each watershed, as well as between the "ephemeral reaches of intermittent streams" and the truly "ephemeral streams," as defined above.
We will continue to incorporate more taxa into our trials as the Garden further develops its recommended list of best plants for roof gardens.
2]' Among the taxa recorded, 10 taxa were arboreal and 8 nonarboreal.
A temperatura ambiente nao e o fator mais importante para se determinar a taxa de hidratacao necessaria para um individuo.
Notre analyse demontre que regionalement, environ 34 % a 59 % des taxa megabenthiques restent a etre repertories dans les eaux arctiques canadiennes.
Por isso, sem desmerecer explicacoes subjetivistas, o presente trabalho permite identificar variaveis objetivas associadas a taxa de abertura de empresas.
Significantly, these taxa and just a few others are from isolated deposits east of the Western Interior Seaway.