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As long as your teachable moment elicits a moment of reflective thought -- some form of "aha" -- you have succeeded in getting your prospect's attention.
While RoA can't be the final word here, using it to create a teachable moment will hopefully nudge this future CEO in a different investment direction.
My teachable point of view is to be a problem solver who seeks other perspectives and understands the importance of trust in every interaction.
So, the next time you are confronted with a teachable moment in the form of misinformation, misapprehension, or misunderstanding, you have to ask yourself one question.
I encourage you to regularly use the ABT cover images and captions as teachable moments.
Other teachable moments could be related to teaching a child about the importance of telling the truth.
Laura Berman, a sex therapist and educator, agreed that something powerful can come from Bieber's openness: "a teachable moment.
For educators, predicting spontaneous teachable moments is a difficult task.
I'll never forget something she said: "No matter how experienced you are, you still have to be teachable because you can never stop learning and improving in art.
As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster continues to subsist, educators are using the spill as a teachable moment.
It would be nice to inquire about their favorite books, teachable moments, career tips, and more.