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The time passed in such meditations, and when the teacher came, the lesson about the adverbs of place and time and manner of action was not ready, and the teacher was not only displeased, but hurt.
He chose a moment when the teacher was looking in silence at the book.
As yet no free schools had been started for coloured people in that section, hence each family agreed to pay a certain amount per month, with the understanding that the teacher was to "board 'round"--that is, spend a day with each family.
And last of the goodly procession came Miss Monflathers, bearing herself a parasol of lilac silk, and supported by two smiling teachers, each mortally envious of the other, and devoted unto Miss Monflathers.
In the Euthydemus, Socrates himself offered an example of the manner in which the true teacher may draw out the mind of youth; this was in contrast to the quibbling follies of the Sophists.
I was one of the last to go out, and in passing the tables, I saw one teacher take a basin of the porridge and taste it; she looked at the others; all their countenances expressed displeasure, and one of them, the stout one, whispered -
Nay, gracious Teacher, deny me not what I know it is in thy power to perform.
The teacher warned him each day, and even the good Fairy repeated to him many times:
For weeks he would go along scarcely thinking of the school teacher and telling himself that he had conquered the carnal de- sire to look at her body.
But of her teacher touching her lips, she immediately desisted, and embraced her laughingly and affectionately.
You need the discipline of study, such as only skilled teachers can give you.
The young lady teachers "showed off" -- bending sweetly over pupils that were lately being boxed, lifting pretty warning fingers at bad little boys and patting good ones lovingly.