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Practicing a musical score teaches us to take time for the beautiful and the meaningful in the music.
3) Dora Alvarez teaches a lesson to her third-graders.
She teaches both a beginning and an accelerated class five times a week.
He exercised that right in the encyclical: "The Church teaches that each and every marriage act must remain open to the transmission of life" (Humanae vitae, n.
According to this document, when the pope teaches from the chair of Peter--that is, in his official capacity as teacher of the universal church on matters of faith and morals, and given the divine assistance in which we trust--such teaching is infallible.
Josette Biyo teaches Science Research at Philippine Science High School Western Visayas in Iioilo, Philippines.
Jim Klipfel, a social studies teacher at Saugus High School who teaches honors and Advanced Placement U.
And, since the Church teaches that contraception is intrinsically evil, it should never be recommended.
is an Associate Professor of English and teaches courses in TESL methodology and linguistics.
She serves as a scorekeeper for her son's baseball team; supports her daughter's horseback riding and teaches swimming lessons during the summer.
The book, though accepting Church teaching on these matters, teaches that "it may seem more fitting that Jesus should have been conceived and born in the normal way [not of a virgin] and that Mary and Joseph should have had other children" (219).
Beth Lindsay, MLS, MA, is the Head of Library Instruction at WSU and also teaches online for the University of Maryland University College.

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