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Some lesser points of the dialogue may be noted, such as (1) the acute observation that Meno prefers the familiar definition, which is embellished with poetical language, to the better and truer one; or (2) the shrewd reflection, which may admit of an application to modern as well as to ancient teachers, that the Sophists having made large fortunes; this must surely be a criterion of their powers of teaching, for that no man could get a living by shoemaking who was not a good shoemaker; or (3) the remark conveyed, almost in a word, that the verbal sceptic is saved the labour of thought and enquiry (ouden dei to toiouto zeteseos).
They were called Poor Priests, and clad in long brown robes they wandered on foot through the towns and villages teaching and preaching.
To his life's end Wyclif went on teaching and writing, although many attempts were made to silence him.
But his teaching never quite died, for by giving the English people the Bible Wyclif left a lasting mark on England; and although the Reformation did not come until two hundred years later, he may be looked upon as its forerunner.
Thus their teaching and writing mark the beginning of new life to the great mass of the people of England.
was the phrase I heard most often during my first day of teaching at Upper Darby High.
Most law enforcement agencies, however, can make better use of their in-service training programs by shifting their paradigm to take into account the needs of adult learners and by teaching with purpose, not just to cover the material.
This qualitative study examined the subjective experience of school counseling interns (N = 26) with and without teaching experience.
However, there is limited literature on teaching math for such students compared to the literature on teaching reading and language arts.
This large book studies the history of the teaching of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics in Italian universities by examining over 160 Latin commentaries and translations produced between 1300 and 1650.
Due to various time and curricular constraints, the student teaching seminar leaves minimal time for teacher educators to responsibly cover and support the needs of student teachers in the employment preparation process.

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