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It was in the days when Baloo was teaching him the Law of the Jungle.
The teaching of the Semitic religions, "Do good to others that you may benefit at their hands," does not occur in their pages, nor any hints of sensuous delights hereafter.
Between the mother, with her fast-perishing lumber of superstitions, folk-lore, dialect, and orally transmitted ballads, and the daughter, with her trained National teachings and Standard knowledge under an infinitely Revised Code, there was a gap of two hundred years as ordinarily understood.
This combination of idealism and respect for the teachings of experience constitutes in some ways the strength and value of the Politics, but it also makes it harder to follow.
But when he heard the rowdies in the streets singing the love- songs of Abelard to Heloise, the case was too plain--love-songs come not properly within the teachings of rhetoric and philosophy.
You have a good conscience, friend Horse," it said, "and if you attend to its teachings it will do much to protect you from harm.
Never till now had he realized what might lie in another manner of life, and he felt a twinge of bitterness toward the hard old man whom he called father, and whose teachings from the boy's earliest childhood had guided him in the ways that had out him off completely from the society of other men, except the wild horde of outlaws, ruffians and adventurers that rode beneath the grisly banner of the young chief of Torn.
I presume," replied the ape-man, "that you but followed the teachings of your religion.
She mixed up Swedenborg's teachings on angels and departed spirits, on love to one's neighbor and purity of life, with wild fancies, and kindred beliefs of her own; and preached the visionary religious doctrines thus derived, not only in the bailiff's household, but also on proselytizing expeditions to the households of her humble neighbors, far and near.
One who follows the teachings of Christ in so far as they are not
The teachings of twenty years cried out against such license.
After I had unearthed this reasoning from among a heap of ancient philosophical writings, I sought to reconcile it with Christian teachings.