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I can't hold up a string of teal like my dad's, but from testing TealSteel, it's well-designed for its purpose.
Some people recommend lightweight guns for teal, since you'll often need to make snap shots at birds that suddenly appear out of nowhere.
Teal cried in the dock as he was sentenced by Judge Bourne-Arton.
To warm a scheme, contrast teal with details of coral or delicate blush tones, mustard yellows and burnt orange.
8220;ARM Yourself Against Ovarian Cancer” at the 4th Annual Tea for Teal
For anyone keen to try their hand at the trend without a big investment, pick up some funky cushions to add a splash of teal appeal to the sofa or bed.
Clare Teal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall with John Wilson, tomorrow, 0151 709 3789.
The Adventures Of Abney & Teal comes from series creator Joel Stewart.
I throw him in everywhere but he never lets me down," said Teal.
The ElliptiGO, according to one of its developers - 1991 South Eugene High School graduate Brent Teal - is "a whole new category of vehicle.
Northern Shovelers (Anas clypeata) and Blue-winged Teal (A.