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I climbed up into the loft and threw down the hay for her, while she unharnessed her team.
When they would thrust at, or parry, the noses of his champing horses, making them swing their heads and move their feet, disturbing a solid dreamy repose, he swore at the men as fools, for he himself could perceive that Providence had caused it clearly to be written, that he and his team had the unalienable right to stand in the proper path of the sun chariot, and if they so minded, obstruct its mission or take a wheel off.
With runners of the Winesburg team on bases, Joe Welling became as one inspired.
A watcher from the opposing team dragged her screaming away and was dropped like a steer by an ear-blow from a partisan from the woman's team.
The team slowly pursued its route, and the deserted Abiram now found himself deprived of the smallest vestige of hope.
The traces that connected the team with the wheel-dog parted, and the team was never seen again.
The moment the sled started, the team took after Lip-lip in a chase that extended throughout the day.
Dave was wheeler or sled dog, pulling in front of him was Buck, then came Sol-leks; the rest of the team was strung out ahead, single file, to the leader, which position was filled by Spitz.
Then the team started, and the puppy found the heavy ten-foot sleigh running up his back, and dragging him along the snow, while Kotuko laughed till the tears ran down his face.
Sancho insisted that it was an inn, and his master that it was not one, but a castle, and the dispute lasted so long that before the point was settled they had time to reach it, and into it Sancho entered with all his team without any further controversy.
but a new idea, and I have dozens of them," said Joe; "if we could only manage to capture a team of live eagles, we could hitch them to the balloon, and they'd haul us through the air
Said the rules of society couldn't be bucked for a yard by a team of ten-millionaires.