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You indicate that sluggers Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig of the Yankees, totaled 846 home mns as teammates.
Urban Teammate is Toyota's successor to Highway Teammate, which was unveiled in October last year.
Scenario 2: Ralph wrote in his individual reflective blog that he was very frustrated with his teammates because he felt like he was doing most of the work while they were getting a free ride.
The TeamMate audit management system helps automate and improve an organization's audit processes including: risk assessment,scheduling, planning, execution, review, report generation, trend analysis, audit committee reporting and storage.
TeamMate is a widely used audit management system, with reportedly over 95,000 auditors and over 2,200 organisations using the solution globally.
In particular, teammates and coaches can play an important role in the facilitation of and in the adherence to the rehabilitation process (Bianco; Schelley & Henschen, 1995; Vergeer & Hogg, 1999).
WK Tax and Accounting unit CEO Kevin Robert said TeamMate "is an excellent fit for CCH businesses worldwide (and) advances our strategy to further grow in the corporate and government sectors by offering a global suite of solutions to serve the internal audit market.
It will probably reverse your strategy of getting ahead of the play and coaching your teammates to win.
Combining TopCAATs with Teammate goes a long way in making audit work easier and more effective.
16 July 2013 -- Minneapolis, USA-based Wolters Kluwer said that its Wolters Kluwer Audit, Risk & Compliance unit has introduced a new version of audit management software system TeamMate AM that is specifically geared for use by smaller audit departments called TeamMate Express.