tear off

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The goggles take up to 3 hours of video/audio per use, and come ready to go, with a 16gb micro sd card, 10 strip package of tear off lenses, patch/usb cords and USB micro sd card adapter.
The cottage is unthatched, says Tolle, because many families had to tear off the roof of their house to prove themselves destitute, again to qualify for relief.
Opener 45 is nostalgic both in lyrics and atmosphere, rock single Tear Off Your Own Head could be Stiff revisited and Alibi is one of the most addictive tunes Elvis has ever written.
Meanwhile, reporter Robert Buttry offered his take on a typical--for the times--first visit to Fire Island, written in quintessential 1970s vernacular: "New visitors will arrive, tear off their clothes, get stoned, rush to the [meat] rack, and drag a trick home."
When finished, simply tear off the leg for a clean, sharp look.
These are 20cm wide by 10cm long and perforated as they are formed - so that the packer can tear off just the right amount to fill spaces of any size.