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She and Matthew drove in one fine September morning, after a tearful parting with Diana and an untearful practical one-- on Marilla's side at least--with Marilla.
I wish you could, dear Madam," Rebecca said in the same tearful tone.
Twenty-five years ago, a multitude of people in America put on their ascension robes, took a tearful leave of their friends, and made ready to fly up into heaven at the first blast of the trumpet.
A small notice in an obscure corner had attracted his attention; the young man, Richardson, had been fished out of the river half drowned, and in view of his tearful and abject penitence, had been allowed to go his way by a lenient magistrate.
said Nikita in a tearful voice, continuing to wave his hand before his face as if driving away flies.
he said, not knowing what he was saying, as he responded to the tearful kiss of the princess that he felt on his hand.
But that a vague and shadowy crowd of such ideas came slowly on him; that they taught him to be sorry when he looked upon his haggard face, that they overflowed his eyes when he stooped to kiss him, that they kept him waking in a tearful gladness, shading him from the sun, fanning him with leaves, soothing him when he started in his sleep--ah
And so we went gadding along, dropping in here and there, pricing things, and gossiping with the shop- keepers about the riot, and now and then running across pathetic reminders of it, in the persons of shunned and tearful and houseless remnants of families whose homes had been taken from them and their parents butchered or hanged.
Paddy, 44, followed tearful Christine out of the car, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on the cheek.
A judge threw out the case against Swift, who was tearful at the result.
A cruel and barbaric way to die' THE debate struck a poignant note when Tory AM Russell George quoted from a letter sent to him by a tearful farmer.
Shortly afterwards, Kevin, Sophie and Tyrone search frantically for Jack, worried sick that Jenny has snatched him again, while in the factory, a tearful Jenny hugs Jack tightly.