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When Achilles saw him thus weeping he was sorry for him and said, "Why, Patroclus, do you stand there weeping like some silly child that comes running to her mother, and begs to be taken up and carried--she catches hold of her mother's dress to stay her though she is in a hurry, and looks tearfully up until her mother carries her--even such tears, Patroclus, are you now shedding.
I don't know if there's anybody alive,' said Mahon, almost tearfully.
Rebecca Rigby watched tearfully as Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22, appeared at the Old Bailey via videolink.
s m s Jackson, from Littleborough, Rochdale, avoided jail and was given a fourmonth community order plus curfew after he spoke of his shame, tearfully telling Manchester magistrates yesterday: "I want to start to rebuild my life.
Andrews tearfully told a press conference in 1997 Harvey had been murdered in a road rage attack, but forensic evidence proved she was the murderer.
Summary: Joanna Yeates's killer has tearfully apologised for putting her family through hell.
Gwyneth Paltrow, 1999 Paltrow greeted her Oscar for Shakespeare In Love with an emotional outpouring of 365 words, in which she tearfully thanked just about everyone.
Take one photograph of a group of 16-year-old girls tearfully hugging each other while clutching envelopes.
BRAZILIAN great Ronaldo last night tearfully announced his retirement - admitting his body had finally succumbed to the crippling litany of injuries that have blighted his remarkable career.
The veteran Ethiopian tearfully announced his intention to retire after pulling out of the ING New York Marathon with 10 miles remaining due to a knee injury earlier this month.
Oksana told her friends that Mel tearfully convinced her the alleged attack was a one-time-only incident and that he would go into therapy to get better.
Andrews stabbed Birmingham boyfriend Lee Harvey, 25, to death in 1996 as they drove home in leafy Alvechurch, Worcestershire, then tearfully told the world how he had been the victim of a bogus road rage attack.