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Explain your moodiness and tearfulness - don't leave him out in the cold.
It was accepted she had suffered anxiety, sleep disturbance, nightmares, appetite and weight loss, tearfulness, loss of self-confidence and psychological difficulties as a result of Dr Newlands' behaviour.
While psychological changes were assessed on presence of anxiety, feeling of guilt, tearfulness, change in sleep pattern and depression.
Often experiencing a touch of sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, self-doubt, self-reproach; sometimes tearfulness and low self-esteem is common.
Nigerians are of course accustomed to their rulers' occasional acts of Nollywoodesque tearfulness.
Sleep may impacted and of course there may be symptoms such as tearfulness, low mood and irritability," Dr Logan said.
Spirits were also the type of alcohol most likely to bring on tearfulness among drinkers when compared to red wine, white wine and beer drinking, according to data from the Global Drug Survey, an online questionnaire provided in 11 languages.
Det Con Snaith said the effects on her included shock, difficulties sleeping and tearfulness.
Until now, it was assumed that only women suffer PCD, with nearly half reporting feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety and tearfulness at some point.
Two subjects experienced three adverse events that were classified as severe and related to the medication; one on 400 mg with easy tearfulness and intermittent irritability and another on 200 mg with decreased appetite.
ChildLine Ziv Israeli, Birmingham's ChildLine service manager, today warned stresses about exams can affect young people's ability to sleep, trigger anxiety attacks, depression and tearfulness, and spark eating disorders.
The point is, no sensible person thought it was pathological to still have some regular bouts of tearfulness a year or more after your most beloved person died.