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"In the last day in the office he was teary. He said he felt like this a few years ago and he got over it.
Fyfe, originally from Moseley, said he did not get teary over the advert himself, unlike so many viewers.
It's a moving story, but Hock can't resist thrusting his camera in the teary faces of Tiant's relatives.
Given the endless succession of award shows, one has to empathize with those who, like di Caprio, look on night after night while the Helen Mirrens of the world collect their kudos and make their teary speeches.
Your assailant will flash his tits at you and eat live cockroaches on command before engaging in a teary, drunken monologue about how much he misses his kids and just wants to go home.
Wearing a long white dress, a teary Kucharova blew kisses to the 2,500-strong audience in Warsaw's Congress Hall after she received her diamond crown from Miss World 2005, Unnur Birna Vilhjalmsdottir of Iceland.
But now they know that these substances are also present in the teary coating on the animals' eyes--and that's good news for manatees.
As sightings became more regular so the creature's popularity grew, until news of his hastened death on Tuesday brought heartfelt tributes and teary farewells.
Noll is surfing's Pollock, a macho, hard-drinking lug who was among the first to ride Waimea Bay, which he refers to, teary eyed, as his "gal." The golden age of modern surfing was the pioneering years of the late '50s, when Noll and a small crew of Californians lived off the land each winter on the North Shore of Oahu.
I recently got a teary call from a dancer who felt under that pressure.
Social strata, the power of money, the meaning of love and the varied concepts of family move the touching story to a hopeful, teary ending.
He would get almost teary eyed about the assassination of his hero J.K.F., an event which had taken place when we were barely out of diapers.