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This was evident from the teaser that all his enthusiasm and excitement get soaked in embarrassment.
It is odd, to put it lightly, that a show as carefully constructed as "Game of Thrones" doesn't show its biggest villain in this teaser or the previous episode.
READ MORE: White Walkers arrive in back-to-back Game of Thrones teasers
The teaser depicts Hayat dealing with the struggles she faces, first by trying to hang herself with her dupatta and then burning letters as she's left wearing a bridal ensemble.
During the past week, Huawei has put up three short teasers of what to expect of their 'P' series launch due to take place in Paris on March 26th.
This teaser follows the recent video Epic released of the Cube melting into loot lake, turning it purple and also showing it's very bouncy.
The teaser garnered over one million views within 24 hours.
The teaser is so captivating that it leaves the audience yearning for more.
One of her fans even asked her about Shah Rukh Khan's 'Zero' teaser.
The teaser is filled with patriotism, enthusiasm and adventure.
RQ1: To what extent will a higher comment count in a news teaser prompt more clicks on this teaser than a lower comment count?
ISLAMABAD -- 'Project Ghazi' is poised to bring Pakistan its first ever superhero film and the teaser is no less than promising.