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We used separate independent t-tests to compare female college students with and without a prior history of weight-related teasing in minutes spent in moderate and vigorous physical activity, body fat percentage, and physical activity enjoyment.
Police have also started a Twitter handle besides Facebook page to encourage people to report eve- teasing by tagging photos and videos showing eve teasing.
5% patients felt worried about teasing which is very close to the proportion reported by Turner et al.
Antisocial and prosocial teasing among children: Perceptions and individual differences.
However, in most cases this offense remain concealed by the family of eve teasing suffer due to social reason.
Most troubling are the behavioral, health and social consequences of teasing and bullying.
Just as "play-fighting" is distinct from actual violence, she believes playful teasing should be celebrated.
Adventures at Walnut Grove: A Lesson about Teasing is a children's picturebook about a group of forest animal children learning how to get along and have fun together.
In today's increasingly violent society, many incidents that begin as simple student teasing escalate into persistent bullying and overt violence.
Adolescents rank teasing and bullying as greater problems than racism, AIDS, or alcohol.
The overwhelming evidence in the instant case is that the victim was merely teasing appellant and never tried to injure him.