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Walschot joined SR Technics in 2008 as vice president engine maintenance and was appointed shortly thereafter head of engine services where he played a key role in developing the engine business further.
Salih Ince, Component Services Director at Turkish Technic said, Turkish Technic has been very satisfied by the high service level of performance and responsiveness of the Liebherr team over the past four years.
In 2012, Technic started its first division, Technic Oilfield Services, to fall in line with the new directive of local Omani SMEs offering oil field and technical services to national oil producers and in line with the 'In Country Value' programme.
Whenever we design a set, our aim is to give Technic builders a stunning model with all the main functionalities you would expect, and our version of the Arocs 3245 fulfils that in every way.
Tulpar Technic is emerging as a leader in the region and will provide operators of aircraft manufactured by Bombardier with much-needed access to quality maintenance services,' said Eric Martel, President, Bombardier Customer Services & Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft.
Take to the skies with the realistic LEGO' TECHNIC Helicopter.
The Lego Technic Motorized Bulldozer is available in the shops now, but we have FIVE to give away in today's competition.
China Wireless Communications Inc (OTC Bulletin Board: CWLC), an information technology company, reported on 28 March that it has signed an additional IT contract with the Tianjin Medicine Industry & Biology Technic Company, maker of homeopathic product the Kangqi Capsule.
Components will be supplied from Istanbul and all repair and overhaul work of the components will be executed at the Turkish Technic sites in Istanbul.
Armac Systems, SR Technics Armac Systems signed an agreement with SR Technics to expand the deployment of its RIOsys inventory planning solution software as well as consultancy support services, across additional aerospace business units of SR Technics' Abu-Dhabi-based owner, Mubadala Development Co.
Are you ready for a gripping rollercoaster ride of discovery with LEGO TECHNIC - the most challenging and satisfying vehicle build experience you'll get your hands on this year.
The monster in this case is the monster of all trucks, the awesome new Lego Technic Tow Truck.

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