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In dismissing Mr Herron's claims, Mr Justice Bean concluded the application for judicial review was 'entirely based on technicality and utterly devoid of merit'.
Five other people convicted in the same case were also granted bail on the same technicality.
If it was a burglary, drug dealing - or indeed any other sort of crime - we would be outraged to hear the offender had walked free because of a technicality.
But the European Court of Justice struck down that agreement on a legal technicality in May and failure to find a fast replacement could expose airlines to breach of privacy suits.
On August 24 a subcommittee recommended disqualifying Todd on a ruleS technicality, despite her twice-counted 59-vote runoff victory on July 18.
Was he a wanton criminal who escaped justice because of a technicality or was something more at play?
Colorado-removed from the ballot because of an election technicality.
And when it comes to proficiency and technicality, I think that Mike is one of the best drummers around.
It could put an end to defendants being acquitted because of a technicality in the trial process.
The title of Dow's book, Executed on a Technicality, plays off the common acidic phrase "released on a technicality," which implies that a dangerous criminal was let go not because of innocence but because of red tape, bad lawyers, and misfiled paperwork.
Then Troy's sentence is overturned on a technicality and he is released--and Jeff's life is immediately altered for the worse.
The victim was low life Royce Stewart who got away with the rape and murder of Kamareia, the daughter of a Hennepin County, Minnesota sheriff officer, on a technicality.

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