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TO EMIT. To put out; to send forth,
     2. The tenth section of the first article of the constitution, contains various prohibitions, among which is the following: No state shall emit bills of credit. To emit bills of credit is to issue paper intended to circulate through the community for its ordinary purposes, as money, which paper is redeemable at a future day. 4 Pet. R. 410, 432; Story on Const. Sec. 1358. Vide Bills of credit.

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- Aerospace (Technique) Market Share Shift by Company: 2019 & 2022
WHO recommends a six-step 'how to hand rub' technique for using alcohol-based hand rub.
The purpose of this book, as stated by the authors, is to "produce a volume of readily available social work techniques that have been shown to be useful in clinical social work practice" (p.
"When we began using the ABSORB technique last year, we realised we could modify it to treat complex blockages of the main artery or a branch of the artery.
"When we began using the Absorb technique last year, we realised we would modify it to treat complex blockages of the main artery or a branch of the artery.
The text describes techniques you would expect to see in a taping text, for example, taping for the acute sprained ankle or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee and postural taping.
Round direct pailding of technique, Korea used 1 direct pailding and 1 contra dwit chagi of technique, in 2.round while of Iran used 1 pre-step pailding and 1 contra pailding of technique, Korea used 1 contra dwit chagi and 1 direct pailding of technique, against in 3.
HORTON'S DANCERS Horton developed his technique on a handful of students.
Emphasis: Chamber music, private lessons, technique, repertoire, theory, workshops, composition premieres and master classes.
Each teaching technique below is followed by its rationale and is grouped into sections for initiating, managing and concluding learning activities.
The above techniques offer the following advantages for separating large-sized cardboard products: proven, reliable technique; minimal downtime because of maintenance; installation is usually possible without major reorganization measures; and insensitivity to non-paper components.

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