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The presented example shows that the contradiction between the relatively high cost of innovative products and the need for additional costs to organize technological control of the innovative process of its production is one of the main problems of technological development of the enterprise.
The ministry aims to establish technological zones across the republic, making them an integrated working environment for communication and information technology companies, by developing the infrastructure and linking the companies to internet services via fibre optics.
The notable aspect of this definition is that it places technological literacy as a consequence of problem solving.
The Nine-Year Integrated Curriculum Policy" also emphasizes the development of basic technological skills.
The necessity of maintaining technological systems undermines the analytical importance of their flashy creation.
The paradigm of "sustainable development" can be viewed also as a new paradigm of technological development.
Selection criteria for the Tibbetts Award include the economic impact of technological innovation, business achievement and effective collaborations, and demonstrated state and regional impact.
This report is the product of a two-year study by the Committee on Assessing Technological Literacy, a group under the auspices of the U.
Given that higher education is steeped in a history of balancing pedagogy with new technology (Katz, 2003), the administrative trend of courseware poses significant challenges particularly for teacher educators responsible for preparing teachers in content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and practical knowledge (Sternberg & Horvath, 1995) in addition to technological proficiency (NETS-T, 2000).
3 times higher than the bill in the mixed technological industries and twice that in the mixed traditional technological industries.
At these rates, he projects that humanity will run into a technological dead end by mid-century.
Industries, businesses, government agencies, and private households all benefit from a healthy and well-protected technological environment.

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