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When Tucanopollis was known only as dispersed pollen, Doyle and Hotton (1991) suggested that it represented relatives of Clavatipollenites and Chloranthaceae that were either more primitive or more derived in having a continuous tectum, but they also recognized its similarities to Saururaceae.
AIP expression was also measured in the optic tectum, an area of intense immunoreactivity (Figure 1D).
Further immunohistochemistry results suggested that newborn neurons were generated from RG to regenerate brain tissues in the optic tectum.
Both of the CRMPs were still highly and specifically expressed in the retina at 48 hpf, when retinal axons are approaching and starting to arborise the tectum (Figures 1(c) and 1(d)).
(a) Representative images of biocytin-labeled axons in the contralateral optic tectum of naive fish (left) and fish treated with vehicle or zymosan, at 7 days after optic nerve injury (middle and right, resp.).
The exine wall of the microspores is formed by a basal layer, numerous columellae close to each other, and a thick tectum (Fig.
El numero de perforaciones del tectum solo se tomo de las muestras fotografiadas, por lo que se requiere de mas observaciones que corroboren la informacion dada anteriormente.
In Viola pilosa type of the pollen, tectum is densely punctuated, while in the case of Viola stocksii type of the pollen, tectum is of subpsilate densely punctuating type.
Belgium-based Tectum Group made its first appearance in the Middle East by showcasing its specialist roofing solutions at this year's Big 5 exhibition in Dubai.
In post- contrast series, band or nodular hyperintensities were seen due to contrast enhancement at the hypothalamic area, pituitary stalk, periaqueductal region and tectum (Figure-1-3).
Exina total 1,52 [micron]m; nexina 0,49 [micron]m; sexina 1,03 [micron]m, tectada, superficie psilada con punctas que no atraviesan todo el tectum (2-G, H, I y 3-F, G).