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Tectus nilaticus, Conus virgo, Conus leopardatus" (O'Donnell 110).
Hic ego dum spatior tectus nemoralibus umbris / (quod mea, quaerebam, Musa moueret, opus) / uenit odoratos Elegia nexa capillos, / et, puto, pes illi longior alter erat.
KARACHI -- Five ships C.V Maersk Detroit, C.V MSC Alghero, M.V African Glory, M.T Globe Tanya and M.T Tectus carrying containers, general cargo, LPG and diesel oil were allotted berths at Qasim International Container Terminal, Multi Purpose Terminal, Sui Southern Gas Terminal and FOTCO Oil Terminal respectively on Tuesday.
In the meantime six more ship Maersk Savannah, Johar Express, Navig-8 Around,Theta Gas, Navig 8 Around, Golden Brilliant and Tectus is scheduled to load/offload containers,cenebt,soya bean seeds,chemicals, palm oil and diesel oil also got anchored at outer anchorage of Port Qasim.
Our next stop was Tectus Architects' Quaker Centre in Kingston, a building working on a totally different tenor to Cuddesdon.
"A lot of times people come here and they're like, 'This is a great shot,' but they're not really understanding the area," says Dynette Burke, who runs Tectus Security with her husband, David, a former state trooper.
Highest toxicities were evident in the Strombus urceus and Tectus fenestratus found in the seafloor of station 1 and in the Tectus fenestratus found in the seafloor of station 2.
tectus from six specimens collected from the gorgonian Ellisella quadrilin-eata at Linnet Reef, Great Barrier Reef; and B.
Otros organismos de importancia en el mercado de los acuarios marinos son el caracol turbo (Turbo spp.), almeja gigante (Tridacna spp.), camaron bandeado (Tectus spp.) y caracol bola (Trochus spp.) (Wood, 2001; Wabnitz et al., 2003; Balaji et al., 2007, 2009).
- 1 2 - 3 Prinia subflava - - - - - Spreo pulcher - - - - - Tchagra senegala 2 - 5 5 7 Tockus erythrorhynchus 4 8 6 3 2 Tockus nasutus - - 1 - 2 Turnix sylvatica - - - - - Upupa epops 1 - - - - Vanellus tectus 41 51 43 30 64 Total 868 1533 745 474 643 Number of days after treatment Scientific Name 6 9 12 15 18 nonacridivorous Anthus sp.