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So far we have been discussing poems, but Johnson believes that plays may also suffer from tediousness. In dramatic performances, he argues, dialogue is the essential thing; anything else is likely to become tedious very quickly.
He ingeniously intersperses the 11 different segments of the video discussion (such as "Scientific Tediousness," "Future Discovery," and "Homelife") with thought-provoking facts about the submersible (such as vent temperature of 350 |degrees~ C, but window-melt temperature of 80 |degrees~ C) and remarkable footage (such as black smokers and vent creatures--one typical sequence shows the dancing descent of a deep-sea crab, accompanied by Olson's original and whimsical musical score).
For Chuck, steeped in the traditions of card-guessing and well aware of its weaknesses (especially its tediousness), Schmidt's automated testing device had an immediate appeal.
Snyder's English version smoothes out some of the tediousness of Egeria's repetitious style, euphemistically called "formulaic and recapitulative," and manages to convey the fascinating character of what the author terms "the earliest surviving example of a diary that gives universal validation to an individual woman's personal experience" (150).
Ladies who attended summer resorts were warned against "brocade breakfast dresses" with sleeves and necklines so short that they caused brothers to blush "through the tediousness of three courses and dessert."
Tediousness sets in, so he spends much of his free time speaking to students and groups around the country."
It also can test a large structure at one time, rather than in sections, alleviating the tediousness of the process.
He has not the patience to humor the tediousness of Glendower (which costs him, perhaps, his support); his speech is full of death and death's images; he mocks the love of Mortimer and has banished his wife from his bed, too absorbed by his planned rebellion.
In the past, the PSE noticed that the dismal take-up by LSIs of IPO shares may be due to the tediousness of the process and the small amount of maximum investment per individual for each IPO.
Also, by building living options closer to the schools, students are spared the tediousness and time wasted during the daily commute to and from their homes.
Price, Founding Principal of PriceKubecka PLLC, notes, Takes some of the tediousness out of 1040s so youre able to be analytical and think about tax law instead of data entry.
The CISSII was launched by the CDC as a central electronic database and electronic claims register through which all stakeholders of the insurance industry can access information greatly reducing the risks associated with management of filed claims, also mitigating the risks and tediousness associated.