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Teens sent to private camps usually do not have criminal records.
Schrum's emerging teen culture itself was racialized and premised on whiteness.
GHB, an odorless, colorless liquid, is particularly dangerous because it is easily added to beverages without the teen noticing it and because the margin between a recreational dose of GHB and a lethal overdose is narrow.
This is one of the most special and enlightening experiences I've ever had,'' said Natasha, 17, of Encino, who was among dozens of Valley TEEN LINE volunteers to celebrate the Reseda opening.
Evidence also suggests that the Internet has expanded the reach of health-education efforts to teens in distant lands and provided unique leadership opportunities to a global crop of youngsters.
In addition, the AAA Foundation released an updated version of one of their popular educational tools for teen drivers, Driver-ZED, an interactive, risk-management DVD.
The next step in the effort to bring teen pregnancy rates down, says Mr.
This Family Education Web site contains lots of articles about teens and spot-Is, including girls in extreme sports: www.
When a teen spends hours on the phone listening to her best friend cry about a bad day, she's involved in an intimate relationship.
The majority of the teens were African American and Hispanic; only one white teen was enrolled.
The onslaught of federal funding for abstinence-only sex education is perpetuating a troubling trend: the rise of a virginity-based model wherein many teens are having sexual contact but not using protection.