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ADOLESCENCE, persons. That age which follows puberty and precedes the age of majority; it commences for males at fourteen, and for females at twelve years completed, and continues till twenty-one years complete.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Our health and economic officials aren't just shocked, they are alarmed enough to call the problem of teenage pregnancies a "national social emergency." Socioeconomic Planning Undersecretary Juan Antonio Perez, who is also Popcom director, says on average, 24 babies are born every hour to teenage moms in our country, or over 530 a day.
As soon as I get over that finish line in September, I'll know I can still do anything I put my mind to!" "So far I've raised over PS900 for Teenage Cancer Trust through my Great North Run fundraising.
"I hope that this donation helps Teenage Cancer Trust provide the same help and support that I received and helps others that are going through the same thing."
"The statistics that we have show that about five per cent of last year's 17,000 teenage mothers are HIV positive besides developing other health complications during childbirth," she said.
"The tireless and incredible work Teenage Cancer Trust do is impossible to put into words, so it is my privilege to show my support by running the 2019 London Marathon and raising as much money as I can to help them continue to change the lives of young people with cancer.
He added that the teenage suspects had 'confessed' to having committed several crimes.
The governor attributed the increased cases of teenage pregnancies to parents who failing to play their proper roles in the children's upbringing."Poverty is not to blame, there are other areas with higher poverty levels than Kilifi yet the cases are not there it should not be an excuse,'' he said.
The borough has topped the league table for young mums in the county for at least a decade but the latest statistics show that the two towns are way ahead of other districts, with Stratford having 12.1 teenage pregnancies per 1,000 people and the nearest being Rugby, which has a 16.7 per 1,000 people.
"The partner members of the group are working together using the successful National Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Framework, which outlines the practices that have halved the UK teenage pregnancy rates over the last 18 years.
"What was most surprising is the fact that teenage girls reported a higher degree of interference of daytime sleepiness than teenage boys on multiple aspects of their school and personal activities," said co-author Pascale Gaudreault, who is working under the supervision of principal investigator Genevieve Forest.
In fact, on global scale, teenage birth rates have gone down from 6.5 percent in 1990, to 4.7 percent in 2015.
The governor said future SK officials should help tackle issues like teenage pregnancy, instead of just holding beauty pageants or organizing basketball games every summer.