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ADOLESCENCE, persons. That age which follows puberty and precedes the age of majority; it commences for males at fourteen, and for females at twelve years completed, and continues till twenty-one years complete.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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of raping the teenaged Briton and also molesting her the night before he raped her in November.
The teenaged mother was found guilty by the inter-district juvenile court of Astana in committing a crime under Article 119, part 1, of the Criminal Code (intentionally leaving one in danger).
A world of government-regulated witchcraft and teenaged undercover operatives is an appealing premise, worthy of a better and more exciting novel.
Budaiya : A teenaged boy was shot dead during clashes with police in a Shiite village near Manama on Thursday as hundreds took to the streets to mark the second anniversary of an uprising in the Sunni-ruled kingdom.
The body has been handed over to Prashant's kin but the teenaged girl has not been traced yet.
Parents of teenaged girls should read these books, as a guide to the mysteries of their minds.
HUNKY Jamie Afro got teenaged girls in such a tizz he was MOBBED by 300 of them after his audition.
He is pretty good with other dogs and could live with sensible teenaged children in a family home where he has company much of the time.
Moreover, teenage pregnancy poses not only physical health risks; it also brings about serious social, economic, and emotional cost for the teenaged mothers, their families, and communities.
But in Liverpool city centre, there are several stores that sell daggers, labelled as athames - ceremonial daggers used by wiccans, many of whom are teenaged Goths.
Teenaged white girls who, for example, frequented dance halls, got into any trouble with the law, or became unwed mothers, could end up being referred by social workers, hospital staff, the police, or other government authorities for forced sterilization on the grounds that they were "feebleminded." The US Supreme Court endorsed forced sterilization in Buck v.
Previously, a teenaged boy was drowned in the canal.