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Eight "major wars" and 24 "lesser conflicts" currently snarl across the globe in places like Chechnya, Darfur, Iraq, Colombia, Nepal, Uganda, and Burma, and any number of "cold conflicts" teeter on the brink of violence.
While it might seem like curious timing for a company to be pursuing business as an auto supplier as some existing key suppliers teeter on the brink of bankruptcy and OEMs continue to pressure suppliers to reduce costs, Olrik says he believes breaking into the auto sector will help Keronite by providing long-term, high dollar contracts, as opposed to the short-term 18-month contracts it now receives from consumer electronics clients.
The Babes, who often teeter on the brink of a break-up, won the Studio 7 Live Award, but only Heidi Range and Kiesha Buchanan arrived with the missing Mutya Buena, said to be suffering from laryngitis.