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Wooden teeter-totters have just a little flexibility to allow children some "suspension," cushioning the ride.
Foundation skills also include wobble board training (before allowing your dog to get on the teeter-totter) and target training (used later to teach the A-frame and dogwalk).
This imbalance can be illustrated as the teeter-totter effect of a decreased pH moving downward, with high C[O.sub.2] moving upward (Pagana & Pagana, 2006) (see Figure 2).
The good guys teeter-totter between doing what's right, what's wrong and what's expedient.
For example, they often jump to the erroneous conclusion that interest rate risk is minimized when asset and liability durations are equal.To assist them we proposed the analogy of a teeter-totter with weights on each side that are proportional to the economic value of the firm's assets (on the left) and liabilities (on the right).The distances of these weights from the fulcrum are proportional to the durations of those assets and liabilities.
Among them are small size; bright, forward-facing eyes set low on a big, round face; a pair of big, round ears; floppy limbs; and a teeter-totter gait.
Instead of the usual vert and street style events they've been doing for the last 10 or so years, Vans' newest contest creation was a KOTR-style approach with skateboarding's top board teams competing on specially designed obstacles--as simple as a bump-to-street gap (designed by Baker) and as wacky as a gigantic teeter-totter ledge (designed, possibly to kill someone, by Girl).
When one end of the lesion was palpated, the other end would pop up, a phenomenon also known as a "teeter-totter sign."
Despite my attempts to explain that I was too big and she was too small to successfully teeter-totter, she was convinced that both of us could take turns flying through the air.
A fair assessment of a product includes a negative side to balance the teeter-totter of opinion.
"If you want to look at it very basically, a wheel loader is a teeter-totter, and the Society of Automotive Engineers has defined what percent of the tipping load of a loader you can use as a payload and still be considered safe," Long says.
Once there, he noticed that the animals were also enjoying the day by playing on a teeter-totter. Jarrod watched intently as the animals played a game.